29260 Waterproofing tape

Monoflex high performance waterproofing tape. Additional 20 mm perforation at both edges for a better bonding.

Waterproofing of e.g. outside expansion and construction joints.
For installation with suitable adhesives and sealants on various building substrates in critical areas with high and / or frequent movements.

Material composition
Flexible Polyolefine (FPO)




The product is fusible with standard hot-air-dryers (recommendation ≥1500 watt / 340°C). It is important to select a low temperature setting so that only the surface of the tape melts in order not to affect the tightness of the product. Parts to be welded must be roughened or sanded. Please follow our processing instructions.

Resistance to temperature, min. / max.

-30°C / +90°C

Certified according to

DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008


10 years warranty for the guaranteed product qualities


Due to technical reasons the colour of the material or the printing may vary slightly from batch to batch


Maximum of 12 months – it is essential that goods are kept in the original packaging, keep cool and dry, protect against sunlight. If packaging film has been opened apply the material within 2 months.


CE Marking according DIN EN 13967

Certficate No. 0761-CPR-0514

Physical Properties: (approx.) DIN Value Tolerance
Total width


200,300 mm

(widths between 100 mm and 1000 mm upon request)

+/- 2 mm

Total thickness


1,0 mm

+/- 0,1 mm

Material weight (approx.)


930 g / m²

+/- 50 g / m²

Length per roll


20 Meter (Alternative make ups upon request)

- 0,0 m / +1%

Tear resistance - lengthwise

DIN EN 12311-2 Method B

15 N/mm²

≥ 12,5 N/mm²

Tear resistance - across

DIN EN 12311-2 Method B

15 N/mm²

≥ 12,5 N/mm²

Elongation at break - lengthwise

DIN EN 12311-2 Method B

620 %

≥ 500 %

Elongation at break - across

DIN EN 12311-2 Method B

670 %

≥ 500 %

Tear resistance (nail shank)-lengthwise

DIN EN 12310-1

260 N

≥ 200 N

Tear resistance (nail shank)-across

DIN EN 12310-1

260 N

≥ 200 N

Water vapour permeability

DIN EN 1931 Method B

60 m

≥ 40 m

Shore-A-hardness: (approx.)


ca. 87

Bonding strength

DIN EN 1348

≥ 4,0 N / mm² *

Peel test wood


≥ 100 N *

Water tightness

DIN EN 1928-A- 60 kPa/24 h
DIN EN 1928-B-400 kPa/72 h



Burst pressure, max.


≥ 4,0 bar

UV-Resistance, min.

DIN EN ISO 4892-3

≥ 6500 h

Reaction to fire

DIN ISO 11925-2
EN 13501-1

Class E

Chemical Properties: Resistance after storage over 7 days by room temperature in following chemicals
+ = resistant
0 = weakened
- = non resistant
Chemical Resistance

To Hydrochloric acid, Sulphuric acid, Citric acid, Lactic acid, Potassium hydroxide, Sodium hypochlorite, Salt water and further substances

Installation Instructions