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The Etag test.

We help you to pass the official tests at the approved material testing agencies. Jaeger tests your construction chemicals in combination with our sealing components manufactured for you. Three different types of sealing are tested by the material testing agencies: 

  • Liquid-applied sealants
  • Sealing Membranes
  • Sealing boards

We can carry out Annex A (box test) and Annex F (wall spray test) for you. With your co-operation, the boxes are sealed or lined in our test centre. This is followed by the test procedures as specified in the guideline and which last several weeks. Then the box is examined for imperfections and improved if necessary.

How you benefit:

  • Evidence of system compatibility
  • Detection of weaknesses 
  • Testing new materials

Please contact us if you are interested – we would be delighted to help you.