Inner values.

Jaeger is a family company with a long-term, sustainable approach to business. Characterised by responsibility, openness and honesty – towards our employees, customers and suppliers. And towards the environment. These are values which we consider important. They determine the development, production and sale of our products. And we gladly comply with this obligation in all respects.A further pillar of our company's philosophy is a sound financial basis. This makes us independent.

Success through reliability
The tradition of a long-standing company is always present at Jaeger. It characterises the way we see ourselves. A stable commercial basis is combined with our policy of sustainable business management and responsibility. For the future of our environment and the future of our customers. And finally, another main feature is denoted by a fair amount of reserve. This goes well with our reputation as a specialised supplier of components and with the confidence placed in us by our customers.

The Wuppertal site
Our company originated in Wuppertal, which is where the company is still headquartered today. From here we co-ordinate the activities of our international production facilities and sales offices. Keeping us close to our customers at all times.