Jaeger today.

Invisible function.

With more than 90 years of experience, Jaeger manufactures products based on textile and synthetic components for a wide range of industrial applications. These products perform key functions within entire systems: reinforcing, sealing, coating, laminating, cementing and binding. We develop individual solutions to customer requirements in the construction material, shoe, leather goods and automotive industries. By means of ongoing development, Jaeger is also continually tapping new potentials for applications in the area of technology and engineering.

Integrated solutions
Regardless of whether components for sealing buildings or reinforcing shoe uppers are concerned, most of our products are characterised by the fact that they are not visible in the end product. They work unobtrusively yet make an important contribution to the functionality and durability of modern brand products, and are therefore an important part of our customers' company success.

All of our components and services are therefore our primary consideration. However small they might be, perhaps only comprising a tiny part of the overall system or product, they are the most important thing to us. This is where our expertise lies.