Over 90 Years of Corporate History.

The company was founded in the year 1924 by Johannes Jaeger and his brother Hermann as a conventional weaving mill that manufactured silk tapes and hat-bands. The company’s products were in perfect accord with the fashion trends at the time. In the “Roaring Twenties” art and culture experienced an upswing. Social life was exuberant, and decorative ribbons were an indispensable fashion accessory. In the 1950s, the company expanded its range of products to include technical textiles. Over the decades Jaeger has been able to increase its know-how to every aspect when it comes to the production of functionally-oriented textile products.

Today the company specialises in the development and manufacture of products based on textile and synthetic components for a wide range of industrial applications.

Facts and Figures

In order to be close to our customers we currently have production locations and sales companies in nine different countries:

1969 Jaeger Austria – production and sales
1971 Jaeger France – sales
1981 Jaeger USA – production and sales
1996 Bafesto Poland – production and sales, joint venture
2005 Jaeger India – sales, joint venture
2006 Jaeger Russia – sales, joint venture
2009 Jaeger Italy – sales
2011 Jaeger Nordic – sales, joint venture
2012 Jaeger Turkey – sales
2013 Swisspol Poland – production and sales, joint venture