Automotive industry.

The motor of innovation.

Customers from the automotive industry and their suppliers have extremely high demands. Jaeger products comply with all safety standards and quality demands. Our product solutions, in many cases patented, support our customers as they strive for innovative products, sustainability and cost-efficiency.

With our experience in various areas, such as textile tapes, adhesive coatings and lamination, we have developed products which are perfectly adapted to our customers' production processes, thereby guaranteeing outstanding efficiency. For us, this is an ongoing challenge.

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Reinforcement tapes, bindings and loop straps

Jaeger produces a wide range of technical tapes for the automotive industry. Typical applications include loop reinforcing tapes, rear shelf tapes, seam reinforcements for seats and interiors etc. Thanks to our expertise in the area of technical textiles, Jaeger is particularly capable of complying with the high standards prevailing in the automotive industry.

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Die-cut parts

Jaeger manufactures high-quality die-cut parts in every conceivable shape and size which are primarily processed for reinforcements in various seat covers. But other applications are also possible. Our wide range of products leaves nothing to be desired.

Anti-squeak tape

The golden rule is to avoid squeaking noises in cars. Our tried-and-tested anti-squeak tapes are used to minimise or even prevent noises, e.g. in seats, interior mirrors and fittings. We produce anti-squeak tapes in any design and together with our customers, we always find the right solution for any problem.

Components for car roofing systems

Special roofing systems like soft-top designs or sunroofs demand special solutions. We avail of extensive experience in developing and manufacturing specific solutions for these complex designs. Talk to us! We would be delighted to help you in developing tailor-made solutions!

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